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The Beckwitch

Kitchen/Garden Coffee Yogurt Soap


This is our best-selling soap! A perfect soap for use in the kitchen, garden or garage. This palm free soap will gently cleanse your skin while producing a lovely, creamy lather. Containing finely ground organic coffee, the natural coffee oils in this soap work wonders to help remove cooking scents stuck on your hands such as garlic and onions. Best of all, the coffee in the soap is a gentle exfoliant which helps to remove grease and oils in the kitchen, garden and the garage.

This soap is superfatted to 8% to nourish and moisten your skin as it cleans and our soaps are cured a minimum of six weeks. All our soaps are made from scratch using the cold process method in small batches.

Please note all soaps are cut by hand and are unique just like a snowflake. Please allow for slight variations in colour and design due to the handmade nature of our yogurt soap products.

This soap is formulated to use on your entire body although most people will use this particular soap as a hand soap.

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